Posted By: rosik (rosik) on 'CZwww'
Title:     Netscape & Certificate Name Check
Date:      Thu Mar 16 14:40:19 2000


Kdyz se pripojuju na mail server (Netscape Messenger, IMAP + SSL), tak se 

Certificate Name Check

The certificate that the site 'jmeno_serveru' has presented does not contain 
the correct site name. It is
possible, though unlikely, that someone may be trying to intercept your 
communication with this
site. If you suspect the certificate shown below does not belong to the site 
you are connecting
with, please cancel the connection and notify the site administrator. 

Here is the Certificate that is being presented:

 Certificate for: The Firm 
 Signed by:       The Firm
 Encryption:      Export Grade (RC4-Export with 40-bit secret key)

... dam 'continue' a vsechno funguje OK.

Nevite nekdo, jak se tyhle hlasky zbavit ?


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