Posted By: znouza (- Armored Pilsener -) on 'CZwww'
Title:     Re: tabulka - sloupecek co vyplni zbytek
Date:      Wed Aug  9 14:34:39 2000

je to jednoduchy - udelej si obrazek 1x1 pixel, pruhledny. pak udelas 
<table cellspacin=0 cellpadding=0 border=0 width=100%>
 <td width=150px><img src="1pixel.gif" width=150 height=1>
 <td width=100%></td>
 <td width=100px><img src="1pixel.gif" width=100 height=1>
 <td>tvuj obrazek</td>
 <td width=100%> data </td>

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