Posted By: Koles (No plan.) on 'CZwww'
Title:     Re: CGI a vystup
Date:      Fri Jun 26 18:34:23 1998

> > > Jak se da zaridit, aby se vystup z CGI scriptu nebufferoval, ale rovnou
> > > hrnul  na vystup?
> > 
> > upgradovat na apache 1.3
> Proc? non-parsed-header skripty to resi uz od 1.0 (nebo tak nejak).

tak jo... ale na tu otazku ("proc?") je stejne neprazdna mnozina
odpovedi nezanedbatelneho vyznamu :)

> "Apache recognizes scripts whose names begin with "nph-" as
> non-parsed-header scripts. That is, Apache won't buffer their output, but 
> connect it directly to the socket going back to the client." 

no jo... je to prece jen duslednejsi, on ten apache 1.3 dela
akorat todle:

Less Buffering of CGI Script Output 
    In previous versions of Apache, the output from CGI scripts would be 
    internally buffered by the server, and  wouldn't be forwarded to the 
    client until either the buffers were full or the CGI script completed. 
    As of Apache 1.3, the buffer to the client is flushed any time it 
    contains something and the server is waiting for more information 
    from the script. This allows CGI script to provide partial status reports 
    during long processing operations.  

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perl -e 'print $i=pack(c5,(41*2),sqrt(7056),(unpack(c,H)-2),oct(115),10);'
Co ty vis, co to muze udelat... kuprikladu s cenama ropy? A tak?

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