Posted By: MadGeorge (Mad, as usually...) on 'Lobby'
Title:     Welcome to Prague
Date:      Fri Aug  6 10:36:09 1999

Hello, this is me, MadGeorge, the SysOp reincarnated :)

I welcome you to the brand new system, located in Prague on the grounds of our
generous supporter, an ISP InWay a. s. (

As the location of the system changed, so change a few things in the BBS
management. There are two new SysOps: Prcek and me. Functions of other Ops
are not influenced by the transfer.

On this new system we hope to implement a bunch of new features that were not
(for various reasons) feasible on our previous location. These include a full
WWW interface to the board system and mail, fast lookup features and others.

Please report anything transcendental that you might encounter.

Updates will follow, stay tuned.

MadGeorge (If I ever get old, shoot me...)

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