Posted By: MadGeorge (Week-end afoot !) on 'Lobby'
Title:     Room Aides
Date:      Fri Oct 21 12:26:23 1994

I would like to encourage everyone (especially the users that joined the 
BBS in last few months) who would like to become a room-aide for a board 
on this BBS to send me the application stating for which of the boards 
you would like to become the room-aide, together a few lines why do you 
think you should become one for that particular board.

RAs help to keep this BBS running nicely and to make it a pleasant place. 
Basically, the room aide has a simple (heheh) duty to keep his/her board 
alive, to maintain some kind of rules there and in general to organize the 
traffic there. 

Your friendly Sysop (leaving the city for a couple of days)

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