Posted By: MadGeorge (Working (as usually)) on 'Lobby'
Title:     Etiquette, rel. 2.1
Date:      Aug 6, 1999

There are certain rules to be kept in order to make this BBS as enjoyable 
as it possibly could be. These basic rules imply on any kind of traffic that
takes place within the Liane BBS -- posts on the boards, as well as on the 
conversation in the Chat. These are reworked rules, reflecting the needs 
and problems that had arisen during the year that the BBS has existed.

The rule number one is "SHOW YOUR IDENTITY".
  In order to use this BBS you HAVE to answer truthfully to the questions 
about your name and address you were asked for when you were applying for
an account. You can check these in <X>YZ/<I>nfo and send corrections to the 
SYSOP. I will keep checking the addresses and accounts by every possible mean;
users with incomplete/missing/fake personal information will be deleted 
without warning whenever I come across them. Please, remember as well that 
you are allowed to have only ONE account -- user with more accounts will be 
deleted. No mercy.
  On entry to the Chat system you will be prompted for a nickname to use in
the Chat. Please, pick a nickname either the same as your LoginID or something
you WILL use regularly. Explicitely, you are NOT allowed to fake your identity
to be another user or another sex. Such users will be persecuted, kicked out,
announced to the public, mocked at, and generally will not enjoy the 

The second rule is: "READ THE BOARD RULES" 
  This Etiquette is the very basic handbook of behavior in the BBS. The 
directives contained herein are obligatory for each and every user of the BBS.
  The traffic in most of the boards is monitored by so-called Room Aides or 
Room Managers. These are the users that have been given an extra right and 
authority to control the range of topics discussed on their respective boards.
They can set out additional rules applying to the boards, and they can delete
posts that violate these rules. Please pay attention to Room Aides' posts, 
for they contain more detailed description of the particular board etiquette. 
The up-to-date list of Room Managers can be found on the Lobby board.

The third rule is "NO BAD WORDS".
That means that you CAN darn, if you feel that you have to, but all nasty
four-letter words are right out. This implies to Guests as well!! It's not 
permitted to use bad words either in Chat or on the boards; the single 
exception from this MAY be (only may be!) the Flames and CZflames boards, but 
again, there are certain board-specific rules there to be kept, so check them 
before you try something. Please realize that if you try to neglect this
rule, it may have a REALLY serious impact on your BBS future! No kidding.
Withind the Chat subsystem, the other users can give you penalties which,
if received from six users, will result in you being bounced out of chat
and prevented from reentering it for certain time. Also, using this kind 
of language may contradict with the fourth rule, which is...

It's kind of difficult to say what `harrassment' means, so we will make it 
simple and obvious: if someone asks you to stop saying something about 
them, do so! If you don't, any further comment will be considered to be 
harrassment. Using bad words, faking your identity or sex, making proposals
for net-sex, trying to find a date, these all are activities that may 
(and probably will) be considered as harassment.

The next rule is "RESPECT FOREIGNERS"
Please mind that on an open wide-area-network system like this it's possible
to meet foreigners, presumably not speaking your mother-tongue. As English
has become a common language on the network, it is to be used even here
on the BBS. This rule results in several applications:
  On the boards, mind what language is to be used there. Czech boards have
the `CZ' prefix in their names (ie. CZstory, CZhumor etc.); English boards,
however, have none. Therefore, you ARE TO USE the official language of the 
board you are going to post in. No exceptions. I'm going to push the users
to subordinate this rule, or even force them to.
  In the Chat system, the Main room is to be _ENGLISH ONLY_. To use another
language, create your own chat room by /join-ing it. That will also give you
the Operator right in that room, by the way. Again, it will be the duty of
appointed users with extra rights, the Chat Operators, to supervise the 
Main room (and others as weel, after all).

The last but one rule is "NO COMMERCE"
  As the system is hosted in InWay a. s. Prague on free basis, the hosting 
institution requires that no commerce will take place within the BBS. 
Therefore, no commercial ads, service offers etc. are allowed. If we fail 
to fullfil the rule, the system may loose the support (ie. the machine and 
Internet connectivity). 

The final rule (I'm almost perplexed I have to write this, but anyway) is
  Whatever takes place within the BBS, it may not violate the valid laws of
this country. As the Sysop of the BBS I'm determined to use every possible
mean I have to prevent this from happening. Explicitely, I would like to 
discourage you from trying to swap commercial software, exchanging
access codes, credit card numbers, or any kind of confidental data through
the BBS. You have been warned.

Feel free to report anything that you regard as breaking these rules to 
SYSOP. Violation of these rules will result in anything from a warning to 
a total ban of the site or domain the bad guy is connecting from. I'm 
going to maintain the `Black List' where all the violation of the rules will
be kept. The decisions of the SYSOP are ultimate and final.

The quality of the BBS depends almost entirely on the quality of its 
users. YOU are the users - so please, help to make this place clean. Be 
nice to each other - that's the very least you can do. Thank you. 

Your friendly SYSOP

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