Posted By: MadGeorge (NewWeekAgain...) on 'Lobby'
Date:      Tue Mar 14 11:28:13 1995

I have just finished reorganization of the boards on the BBS. Now, many
of the boards are doubled - there are boards in English and in Czech (prefixed
with CZ) for majority of the topics. 

With this new system of boards, you have the choice of language you want to
use. Therefore, from now on, I will push the users strictly to mind the 
Etiquette in the sense that you HAVE to post in the oficial language of the
board !!! Before you post something, take a while to think about where you 
are going to post. Be warned - Czech posts on English boards will be deleted
without warning.

This new organization should give more space to foreign users as well. 
It should not happen any longer that the boards will be stuffed with the
mixture of Czech and English and therefore annoying both Czechs and 

Anyone is free and welcome to post, but please, don't produce mess on the 

Thank you for reading this message, and enjoy the BBS.

m.g. (please, let me know how do you like this new system)

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