Posted By: MadGeorge (That's just me...) on 'Lobby'
Title:     LianeBBS WWW server
Date:      Sat Mar 18 14:25:35 1995

When I installed an FTP server for the purposes of the BBS community last fall,
I wasn't very sure whether the service will be appreciated and used by the
net-folk. After almost half a year of having the BBS ftp I found that it has 
been indeed a good thing to have, and therefore I decided that I would create 
some new information source concerning the BBS. So here it comes... :-)

The BBS is having it's WWW server as well from now on. It's still under
heavy development and things are expected to change pretty much yet,
but you can check it yourself now by connecting to this URL:


I will welcome any comments and opinions about the materials posted there,
and if you are familiar with HTML and willing to help, you are welcome even
more :)
I would like to have there the history of the bbs listed, with some detailed
description of Sessions we have had, together with the user's opinions,
users' pictures (from the ftp server), references to the users' www-homepages,
statistics, bunch of other things... so, there is a whole lot to do yet :)

Mad George (<HTML><BODY><A HREF="">Here!</A></BODY></HTML>)

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