Posted By: MadGeorge (System Operator) on board 'Lobby'
Title:     Welcome !
Date:      Aug 6, 1999


-- What / where is The LIANE BBS? is a AMD K6/200 based PC running Linux operating system.
   It hosted and maintained by an ISP InWay a. s. Prague, to whom we are
   grateful for allowing this BBS to exist. The BBS is reachable from the
   the Internet via several E1 lines which connect InWay backbone to
   the rest of the world. 

-- What is this software and how can I get it?
   This software is Eagles BBS version 3.1 and it's free. It is an extension
   of Ed Luke's Pirates BBS made popular by the Mars Hotel BBS, developed
   and tested on Eagle's Nest BBS from where we got it.
   As to the place of origin - the Eagle's Nest BBS - besides the software we 
   have borrowed quite a few ideas how to set up this BBS. I would like to 
   express a great gratitude to all those that contributed either on the 
   software development or on the Eagle's Nest administration.

-- What services are available?
   The usual services found on Pirates BBS style systems are here. There is
   a number of boards for discussions on various topics. You may send and 
   receive mail to other BBS users; we have a busy public chat room; 
   private talk mode is supported. However, there is NO Internet Relay Chat
   access, shell access or Internet e-mail service here. 

   Note: guests do not have access to the Talk functions, or Post, or a
   lot of things, so if you want to have these, just create your own account by
   applying from the Guest account by the (J)oin functon.
   Also note that the accounts do not exist forever. From time to time all the 
   users that have not logged on for a long time (three months ?) will be 
   deleted. So if you know you will be off the net for longer periods of time, 
   let the SYSOP know - he can protect you from deletion. 

-- Who uses this bbs?
   Here goes a few things about people you meet: The majority of BBSers are 
   college students; since this BBS is located in Czech Republic, you may 
   expect that you meet Czechs here. Also note that this BBS has been from the 
   very beginning intended to be BILINGUAL (or even multilingual, perhaps), so 
   don't be surprised when someone starts talking Czech to you.  
   The BBSPeople board is for people to introduce themselves. You'll find the 
   folks here generally friendly and outgoing, willing to help you and nice 
   to talk to. 
Well, that's about it. Welcome to our little world, and we hope you'll find it
enjoyable if you choose to join.

Your friendly SYSOP

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