Posted By: MadGeorge (Madie strikes back...) on 'Lobby'
Title:     To board managers
Date:      Thu Oct 23 10:17:17 1997

Hello there, everyone

Dear board managers, please mind that the limit number of the posts on 
any of Liane's boards is _2048_ !!! The system is unable to store more 
than this number of posts.

Please, delete older posts at your will, so that the total number of 
posts will keep on a reasonable level.


Drazi board manageri, mejte prosim na pameti, ze Liane nedokaze ulozit 
najednou nice nez 2048 postu na jednom boardu. Odmazavejte proto prosim 
starsi prispevky a udrzujte tak pocet postu na nejake rozumne urovni.

Mad George (just passing by)
           (being punched by the bad, bad, evil Sue :)

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